You Don’t Have To Endure Sexual Harassment. Let Us Help You Put A Stop To It.

LG Law represents employees in cases involving sexual harassment, an unfortunate workplace reality that presents itself in many forms.

If you have been harassed by a manager, another coworker or even a customer, and if your employer has failed to remedy the situation, please understand that you are not alone. Help is available. We understand how difficult these matters can be — and how workplace harassment can affect every aspect of your life. Let LG Law help you secure the justice you need to move forward.

Our founding attorney, Lewis Galloway, has extensive experience in holding employers accountable for harassment and other workplace violations. For a free consultation, please call us in Kansas City at 816-897-7795 or complete our contact form. LG Law advises and represents clients in Missouri and Kansas.

Identifying Sexual Harassment

Repeated and unwanted sexual advances are perhaps the most common type of sexual harassment. Other forms of sexual harassment may include:

  • Offering promotions in exchange for sexual favors or dating (known as quid pro quo, or “this for that”)
  • Unwanted touching of any type
  • Differing treatment based on gender
  • Sexually explicit communications, including jokes, emails or memos
  • Repeatedly uncomfortable comments about personal appearance

Sexual harassment is often closely related to workplace discrimination, and in many cases, reporting sexual harassment leads to retaliation from employers. Our firm has extensive experience in handling employment discrimination and retaliation claims, as well as sexual harassment claims.

Steps To Take If You Are Being Harassed

If you are being harassed in the workplace or by a coworker outside of work hours, your first steps should be to follow your employer’s internal reporting policy and consult with us. Do these things before you quit your job or take any other drastic action. You could lose your right to sue if you do not take the proper steps to report the harassment in writing. Talk to us as soon as possible if you have any questions about these matters. We can assert your rights, protect your interests and present evidence in support of your case.

Arrange A Free Consultation

If you believe that you have been the victim of sexual harassment at work, please contact an employment law attorney at LG Law as soon as possible. Call 816-897-7795 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation. Our firm is located in Kansas City, and we represent clients in Missouri and Kansas.