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Workers in the United States enjoy many important legal protections under state and federal laws. However, understanding and exercising your employment rights can be difficult — unless you get help from an experienced employment law attorney.

If you believe that you have been the victim of unlawful treatment in the workplace, LG Law can provide the information and guidance you need to do something about it. We will fight to hold your employer accountable for their misconduct and obtain appropriate compensation on your behalf. This may include back pay, front pay, damages for emotional distress, and punitive damages if the case involves egregious violations of the law.

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How We Can Help

Our founding attorney, Lewis Galloway, has directed litigation teams and served as lead counsel in high-stakes employment law cases of every type. His veteran legal counsel can help you determine whether you have an employment law claim. LG Law provides sound counsel and effective representation in the following matters:

Employment Discrimination or Retaliation: Are you being treated differently than your coworkers purely because of a protected characteristic like age (if over 40), sex/gender, pregnancy, race, ethnicity or disability? Have you been retaliated against after making reports of discrimination, harassment or other unlawful activity? If so, you may be entitled to monetary relief for what you have endured. LG Law is the premier legal resource for current and former employees who have been victims of unlawful discrimination and harassment.

Sexual Harassment: If you have been subjected to unwanted sexual advances, comments or behavior at work, you deserve compensation. LG Law has experience in all kinds of harassment cases, including those related to age, disability, religion, race and gender. We will fight to protect your right to work in a harassment-free work environment.

Whistleblower Claims: Do not fear exposing an employer’s corruption or wrongdoing. The law protects employees from harassment, intimidation or termination for reporting illegal activities in a wide variety of contexts. The law also protects individuals who bring qui tam lawsuits to expose fraud against the government. LG Law has represented whistleblowers asserting claims under Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, the Securities and Exchange Commission Whistleblower Protection Program, and various state laws across the country. We fight to obtain monetary relief for employees who have been treated unlawfully for doing the right thing.

Wage and Hour Violations: Employees earning an hourly wage deserve fair compensation for their work. Employers who fail to pay overtime, alter time records or misclassify employees as exempt from overtime protections must be held accountable. LG Law represents employees on an individual basis, as well as in class actions. Whatever your situation may be, we can help make certain that you are paid correctly and in full. Our clients include hourly workers, salaried employees and white-collar professionals whose employers have failed to provide proper compensation.

Noncompete and Nonsolicitation Agreements: LG Law regularly provides counsel to current and former employees regarding the interpretation and enforceability of noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements. In some cases, such agreements can be modified or may be deemed unenforceable.

A note on wrongful termination: Employers can fire you for reasons related to your performance, or even for no reason at all. However, you cannot be fired for an illegal reason. For example, if you were fired for refusing to engage in illegal business practices, or if you were fired for engaging in workplace activities the law considers “protected,” you may be able to assert a claim of retaliation. LG Law has represented many clients for claims of this type.

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