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Our clients are at the heart of what we do. We are proud to have secured excellent results for clients in hundreds of cases, and our clients’ testimonials speak for themselves.

“Lewis represented me in an out-of-state case against a Fortune 400 company for wrongful termination. He could have passed me on to someone else as he knew it would not be a slam dunk case. Instead, he fought for four years and conquered every roadblock that my previous employer put up to get the case dismissed. He held my hand through it all, I am not exaggerating when I say he went over and above the call of duty. I am very grateful to Lewis and grateful for the final outcome.”

— Linda G.

“Lewis is a professional and an expert in employment law. I lost my job and what Lewis did was excellent at guiding me through an incredibly stressful time. He walked me through my legal options and explained how the legal process works. His advice was spot on and the settlement that he helped obtain allowed for me to provide for my family and move on with my life. I would recommend Lewis’s services to anyone.”

— Becky A.

“Lewis made me feel comfortable right away, which says a lot when you’re dealing with a sensitive legal issue. He made sure I was part of the entire process, and fully understood each step. He was relatable, never judgmental, and sincerely cared about making certain decisions were made in my best interest. He fought for me, was constantly encouraging and didn’t ever treat me like merely a client. I recommend him highly to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable attorney to help navigate legal situations… and he is just a really nice guy.”

— Kortney C.

“Lewis recently represented me when my employer laid me off under the guise of a group layoff, while I had an excellent work record and others with less seniority were not laid off.

“Recommended to me by an attorney friend, Lewis exceeded my expectations. I work in healthcare with little knowledge of labor law, I found Lewis to be an expert, educating me so I understood what my options were going forward. As important, I found Lewis to be honest, transparent, and ethical. We worked collaboratively to fairly settle my case quickly with my values and the law as guiding principles. I highly recommend LG Law to handle your case with labor law expertise and integrity.”

— Paula F.

“Lewis represented my son in a discrimination suit against a major company. During my first call to Lewis’s firm, I spoke to him directly and I immediately felt at ease talking to him because of his excellent interpersonal skills. I explained what happened to my son and why I felt it was clearly a case of discrimination. He listened and asked some excellent questions which gave me further conviction I was talking to the right guy. He asked me to bring in my son to hear his side of the story directly from him.

“I was a bit apprehensive because of my son’s disabilities. Upon our first visit Lewis spoke to my son and they immediately established common interest and he sparked a connection with my son. My son reviewed what happened to him with confidence and conviction. After some discussion Lewis stopped and said I will take this case on. He said, ‘I like you and I believe what you have told me is true and you were discriminated against.’

“I asked what is his confidence level you can win this case and Lewis replied that ‘I don’t take cases I don’t think I can win, I can win this one.’ We left that meeting feeling excitement and confidence we were going to win the case. Lewis kept in consistent contact with us and always made my son feel comfortable. Ben had to do a disposition and it went perfectly. Lewis told my son just tell them what happened.

“The case wrapped up after 4-5 months and Lewis won the case for us. It was a healthy sum and allowed my son to put a large amount of money for a down payment on a new townhome. We got justice and we were ecstatic. I would highly recommend Lewis to be the lawyer you choose for your case. We still stay in contact with Lewis and will never forget what he did for our family.”

— Bradley B.

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