Kansas City Employment Lawyer For Noncompete & Nonsolicitation Agreements

LG Law advises employees and employers regarding their respective obligations under noncompete or nonsolicitation contracts. Whether you are seeking to assert or overcome such an agreement, enforceability will depend on the reasonableness of the agreement’s duration and scope. A noncompete or nonsolicitation agreement is typically not reasonable and therefore not enforceable if the agreement imposes an undue burden on an employee seeking to earn a living in the profession of their choosing, or if the agreement over-reaches appropriate geographical boundaries.

At LG Law, we review the terms of these agreements in an effort to identify clauses and conditions that are either unenforceable or outside the interests of our clients.

Our founding attorney, Lewis Galloway, has extensive experience with regard to noncompete and nonsolicitation contracts. For a free consultation, please call us in Kansas City at 816-897-7795 or complete our contact form. We advise and represent clients in Missouri and Kansas.

Understanding The Enforceability Of Noncompete Agreements

When initiating enforcement proceedings, employers must meet their obligations under a noncompete or nonsolicitation agreement’s terms, as well as demonstrate a legitimate business reason to limit the manner in which their former employee can do business. Such legitimate business interests may include:

  • Protecting trade secrets
  • Maintaining other confidential business information
  • Preserving goodwill associated with a business or professional practice
  • Preserving relationships with customers or clients

If, as an employee or employer, you have questions or concerns about these matters, do not hesitate to contact us. We have successfully obtained injunctive relief to enforce or to prohibit the enforcement of noncompetition and nonsolicitation covenants in courts throughout the country.

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For a free consultation, please complete our contact form or call us in Kansas City at 816-897-7795. Our founding attorney, Lewis Galloway, has more than 20 years of experience in a wide variety of employment law matters, including noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements.