McDonald’s facing harassment allegations

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Employment Law

Decades of labor issues are catching up to McDonald’s, as workers in Missouri and across the country planned a one-day strike in October to protest a number of issues. The foremost concern has been the company’s tepid response to numerous allegations of harassment throughout its franchises.

Recent allegations against McDonald’s franchisees are alarming

There have been numerous allegations of sexual harassment and assault at McDonald’s franchises. In one case, a store manager allegedly raped a 14-year old employee. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed another lawsuit, alleging that one franchisee did not take adequate actions to address harassment at 22 locations across several states. These are just the most recent allegations in a pattern of harassment. McDonald’s franchisees often hire young women to work, and they are not always protected from predatory conduct.

The company has taken some action but not enough

Those who are planning to strike claim that McDonald’s does not take adequate actions to protect women from harassment. They are also urging that franchise employees unionize to have a stronger voice in these issues. For its part, McDonald’s claims that its franchisees are held to high standards globally. However, that does not always match the reality, when scores of disturbing stories about illegal behavior toward vulnerable workers continually emerge. The franchise has required more training for workers and has sent out workplace surveys, but that does not seem to be enough to satisfy employees who are tired of being placed in danger.

Some of these employees have availed themselves of their legal rights by contacting the EEOC. In the end, it may take numerous verdicts and significant legal liability to really get McDonald’s to change its ways.