Wage, Hour, & Overtime Violations

Employees deserve to fairly and fully paid for their work. State and federal laws provide employees with various protections when it comes to pay and working hours.

Unfortunately, sometimes out of ignorance but usually out of greed, many employers violate these laws. All too often companies intentionally try to take advantage of their employees and cut corners in order to save money.

LG Law understands how wage and hour violations can negatively impact employees, and how unfair it is for a company to try to illegally increase its profits at the expense of the workers. Our office represents employees who have been underpaid by their employers in violation of the law. We help employees stand up for their rights, obtain the compensation they are entitled to, and hold employers accountable for their illegal practices.

Common Examples of Wage & Hour Violations

Although wage and hour violations can take many forms, some more common examples include an employer:

  • Failing to pay workers minimum wage or the applicable prevailing wage
  • Failing to pay overtime when earned
  • Failing to pay for all the time on the job, such as on-call time or preparation time
  • Misclassifying an employee as exempt
  • Misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor
  • Not paying workers the commissions they have earned and/or bonuses they have been promised
  • Not repaying employees for certain work-related expenses
  • Requiring employees to work through their rest or meal breaks (and not paying them for working through these breaks)
  • Forcing employees to work “off the clock”

Wage & Hour Class Actions

Class actions are designed to represent an entire class of individuals who suffered the same type of injury from a common defendant. Class action lawsuits are common in wage & hour litigation. If an employer commits a particular pay violation against one employee, it is very likely that the employer is committing the same violation against all or at least many of its other employees.

For example, an employer may, as a matter of general practice, fail to pay overtime, or fail to pay for the preparation time before official shifts, or improperly round off time, or misclassify its employees as independent contractors. In circumstances such as these, lawsuits enforcing the collective legal rights of all workers wronged by the same employer are often more successful than individual suits, and are an effective way to punish the employer for its wrongdoing.

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